Yoga can be a revitalizing, stress-relieving form of exercise that offers a multiple psychological and physical benefits. Because of its reputation for being an excellent stress reliever, yoga is popular and well known all over the world. Experts say any type of yoga improves body strength, balance, and flexibility. The more intense styles can also help you shape up and trim down. They say that the type of yoga that’s best for you will depend on what your health goals are. It also up to you on how will you handle the yoga pose challenge as a beginner in yoga. Poses are straightforward, and the pace unhurried. Experts say you do a pose, come out of it, and then do another. This is an excellent style for beginners. Using props like bolster and blocks are often used to help you get the right and proper alignment. But it’s not just the body, as your teacher will also encourage you to focus on relaxation, breathing, meditation. Here are different kinds of yoga poses to help you decide which one is best for you as a beginner to yoga.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Dog. This yoga pose decompresses and lengthens the spine, strengthens your arms, stretches the hamstring, flushes your brain with fresh oxygen and calms your troubled mind.
  • Sukhasana or Easy Pose. This pose may seem as an easy pose but it has many benefits for your body. This yoga pose is calming, a hip opener, and it eases the menstrual pain for women in addition to lowering the level of anxiety. While doing this posture makes sure your spine is straightened.
  • Balasana or Child Pose. The child pose is a resting pose useful to relieve hip, neck, and back strain. While doing this pose you should have a slow and regulated breath, extended arms, resting hips and your forehead must touching the mat. You can always return to this pose as it is one of the most calming and restorative poses.
  • Trikonasana or Triangle. The triangle pose is one of the postures that bring many benefits to your body. It improves the flexibility of your spine, relieves back pain and stiffness in the neck areas, and helps with the proper alignment shoulders. When doing this pose remember that you need to practice each posture on the right and left side because balancing your posture is very important. You will notice many improvements in your body doing this pose regularly most especially for your posture.

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